TE Command Post – Command Your Credits

If you are a traffic exchange surfer and you surf daily then you are probably a member of so many traffic exchanges
and you know it is hard to keep track of all your credits and banner/text ad impression balances.

there is a tool that can help you, it’s called TE Command Post.
TE Command Post will help you manage your traffic exchange campaigns and saves you time.

Here’s what exactly you will get when you join free today:

* How many credits you have waiting to be assigned
* How many credits you have already assigned
* Which url’s are running low on credits
* How many banners/text ad impressions you have waiting to be assigned
* How many banners/text ad impressions you have already assigned
* Your traffic exchange commissions balances and the minimum to cash out : this is really helpful because some TEs don’t pay automatically so you have to email the owner for the payment to be done when you have the minimum to cash out.
* Your TE Notes: you can store any and all sorts of info for each TE e.g. upgraded, renewal date, personal observations, links to special offers, etc…
* High converting Affiliate Tools
* TWO downline builders to get you passive referrals.
* Referrals will see YOUR links in Owner’s emails!

So join free today and Go Commando!

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