Build YOUR List with YourEightSteps

What is “Your Eight Steps“?

It is a email marketing funnel, and a system..

Designed to teach you step by step, how to produce thousands of visitors a day to your urls, and opt-in pages, leveraging your time, and money, then multiplying it into more time and money for you.


By utilizing email marketing, and a funnel system “Your Eight Steps”. As your referrals go through your funnel you will build income and residual traffic, all by focusing on one task, building your email list. Without a system or funnel you can not do this, you would be trying to advertise every referral link for the programs you would like to promote separately. Utilizing a funnel system is how you leverage your time and get sign ups, and commissions in multiple programs with out doing any extra work!

All you have to do is follow the 8 steps, each and everyone of them, they all work together to give you the simplest, fastest, easiest to understand and implement, get to your goals and dreams system ever!!

What you will get?

-Ready made Squeeze Pages: they have 9 squeeze pages for free members and you can get access to Pro Member Squeeze Pages if you upgrade your account, all you need to do is connect your autoresponder by adding the HTML Code in the box (STEP 3).

-Follow up emails: they will give you some follow up emails you can add to your autoresponder, but of course you can add your own.

-Huge Downline Builder: make sure you add your IDs in the Downline Builder, so your referrals will join under you.

NOTE: I don’t recommend their autoresponder, they use Now LifeStyle Autoresponder (50$ monthly) which is expensive for someone just starting.

I recommend AllInOneProfits autoresponder or RocketResponder because they have a fix monthly fee regardless of how many subscribers you have. Some autoresponders will charge you more when you reach a certain number of subscribers.

AllInOneProfits have other Web Tools and starts at 11.5$/month

RocketResponder is 20$/month with 30 days free trial

Get committed and stay focused and this will be your best year ever!!

Aymane Bouisaghouane

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